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Voodoo Blue

Voodoo Blue,

I’m giving up on you…

Lightning’s child,

the whispering wind went wild,

Voodoo Blue,

there’s nothing I can do…

(come with me run with me fun with me

wild and wide

fun to begin then the

heartache can get you inside..

what can I do?)

Eyes of red

there’s ashes is my head,

tears have bled

since you have left my bed

Voodoo Blue

I’m never free of you…

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4:03 PM 12/27/2005

The Duchess of Darkness
Comes through your window
Your system’s on park this
night of a gin flow
4:04 PM 12/27/2005
She steals all your data
and slithers upstairs
you wake up much later
to find nothing’s there
4:14 PM 12/27/2005
She slips through the secret
portals in time
and you’re nothing but mortals
covered in slime
4:16 PM 12/27/2005
There’s a gala of falseness
a flashing of smiles
All the things you had thought of-
they’ve stolen your style
4:17 PM 12/27/2005
When you’re back’s at the wall and
you’ve fallen from grace
There’s a noise in the hall and
you hasten your pace
There is lightening and thunder,
a crack in the sky
As you’re slipping downunder
and silently cry
4:20 PM 12/27/2005
There’s a potty come flying
a turgid commode
And the one who is lying
The friendliest toad
Did you pray for a hero?
Forgetting your cross?Now your patience is zero
from all you have lost
4:22 PM 12/27/2005
The Duchess, the count,
the betrayers in line,
As you call for the saviour
to reach you in time
All the harpies of harlem,
Sunset boulevard,
They extract with no scar on
what you worked so hard
4:24 PM 12/27/2005
You must turn back and face her
in leather and lace,
may the devil erase her
on some interface,
4:26 PM 12/27/2005
The Duchess of Darkness,
she comes through your window,
She speaks like a pastor,
but ushers a sin-flow
4:26 PM 12/27/2005
Her eyes are a glitter,
at what you been finding,
she pays you with litter
and pockets the diamonds
4:27 PM 12/27/2005
She runs to the console
and feeds in your copy
Her sharpness has torn holes,
impatient and stroppy,
her husband gets:”asshole,
just go get my coffee!”
A taylormade blast so
the toxins keep wafting
4:30 PM 12/27/2005
She scatters her bitches
like flies from a liver,
she scratches her itches
her greed is a quiver,
Demanding her pipe she
ascends on the stair,
the mal-odour of tripe
attests she was there
4:32 PM 12/27/2005
…to be continued…..
 (c) jane hamilton-post

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